Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The FAQ of My Life

Chipper Muse…What’s that mean?

Good question. There’s a story in the answer, and I’m a writer, so here goes. Chipper is a nickname. One day, a guy I worked with called me “Chipper.” And since I am normally a very smiley person, I assumed he was referring to my breathtakingly bubbly personality. Turns out he was simply playing on my last name, which starts with the sound “Chip.” I was understandably crushed by his pedestrian choice, but…whatever. I think Chipper is a cool pseudonym, so I’ve kept it.

Muse is a reference to the artist in me. In Greek myth, the Muses inspired creativity. This blog is an outlet for my creativity, my personal muse. But I also hope that what I write influences you, my readers, to think creatively, to see life differently than you usually do, and to be a little better off as a result.

So, I am humbly delighted to offer myself to you as your own Chipper Muse.

Christian, Italian, musician, writer, sci-fi fan, Mensa member, etc. You sound amazing! Are you really all these things?

Yes, I really am all those things. That’s why I see life from an unusual perspective. I haven’t met many people who are quite like me. I’m unique. Hooray for me! Ideally, you will enjoy this uniqueness as much as I do.

Hmm…Is there anything you can’t do? 
HAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, yeah sure, there are things I can’t do. I just couldn’t resist putting this question in after the previous one.

How often do you post?
Ideally, I’ll be posting a new blog entry once a week. Some may be short, others long. But they’ll all be my musings. Enjoy!