Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hi, all!

I'm going to post more regularly from now on . . . promise! But just to whet your appetite a bit, I thought I'd talk briefly about a couple of my recommended links. (You'll see them under the Chipper Muse Recommends tab to the right.)

Among the links for writers and magazines, you'll see a few things that may intrigue you:

The Chiappetta Crew
That's my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. They're all amazing, especially my nephew David Joseph. He is a two-year-old miracle. Doctors said he'd never survive to be born. Yet here he is. Every day, he's doing things no one thought he'd ever be able to do. God is amazingly powerful, able to do greater and more fantastic things than we can imagine, and David Joseph is the proof of that. Check it out, and send my little man of God some love!

The Jesus Geeks
This is a highly entertaining podcast and related website by two guys, Chris and Cliff, who offer a Christian perspective on life, religion, and all things geeky (you know, like Star Wars, Batman, you name it). Oh yeah, and they offer a geek's perspective on Christianity. I love this idea . . . because I think you can enjoy science fiction, comic books, and all that cool stuff and not be a sinner. And they think so too!

Crimson Dark
This is an online comic book, drawn and written very nicely by a guy who, as it turns out, is a Christian as well as a comic book artist. Imagine that! Such a person exists . . . and he's talented too. I'm a think-outside-and-beyond-the-box kind of girl, and I'm always looking to see Jesus Christ invade all walks of life. I'd love for you to check out the author, David C. Simon, and his work.

Oh, and did you know the producer of the movie Wall-E is a Christian? Yep. We're out there, making a difference. I'll talk more about him in a future blog, probably.

I'll call it a night now. Like I said, just whetting your appetite. Keep your eyes out for more from your very own,

Chipper Muse