Sunday, September 20, 2009

Author's Note: I got this writing prompt from the One Minute Writer blog, a daily source of topics that writers can use to hone their skills. The idea is to take 60 seconds to answer the writing prompt. The one I've listed below caught my attention because I've taught freshman writing at various community colleges on and off for years. Naturally, I could easily write (or talk) much longer than 60 seconds on this topic, but I'll be good and follow the spirit of One Minute Writer. This is what I came up with in 60 seconds, no edits except to correct typos.

Writing Prompt: Colleges offer courses like English 101 and Biology 101, teaching students the basics of those subjects. What "101" course do you think colleges should offer to help 18-year-old students learn what they really need to know?


Colleges should require all incoming students to take a "How to Think for Yourself" course. Far too many students have learned to be lazy in their analysis...if they even know how to analyze at all. Which means they take everything at face value. Which explains how our elections in this country have become so messed up...

Further note: I may discuss this topic more in a future blog, since it really needs to be fleshed out and explained further. But here's the plus: no typos to correct after all. Wow, I rock.


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