Saturday, October 10, 2009

In Recognition of Extraordinary Efforts...

The One-Minute Writer's latest writing prompt:
Give away your own Peace Prize to one person, living or dead. What would you say when presenting it?

My response:
I award the Peace Prize to God, in recognition of His extraordinary efforts to establish peace between Himself and humankind. His unique and impressive approach to diplomacy has produced truly significant accomplishments, including authorship of the world's best-selling book offering His view on what true hope is, and how true change can be effected. Ignoring frequent disrespect toward His person, He continues to reach out in forgiveness, working toward d├ętente wherever possible and maintaining diplomatic relations with all peoples. He expends tremendous energy toward peace through every means possible, including the establishment of an entire nation to represent His will, the appointment of His own son to a diplomatic post in a highly volatile location, and the sending of His spirit to work with people all over the world. I can think of no individual more worthy of a prize that honors the efforts of peace in our time.

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