Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Unofficial Olympics Coverage

I’m kicking off “Topical Tuesdays” today…pithy, light-hearted, sometimes random, sometimes humorous observations on the news of the week. (Or at least, the news as I see it…)

Today’s topic: The Vancouver Olympics and NBC’s Coverage

I recently watched a montage on NBC in homage to the U.S. ski team. The background music was the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean. I find this an odd choice. Skiing and pirates just don’t go together. You can’t ski in the Caribbean. And none of our skiers looks like a pirate. Ken and Barbie, yes. Jack Sparrow, no.

This same montage is filled with shots of Ken and Barbie doing fist-pumps in the air whenever they finished their runs. Perhaps this is just a poor editing decision. But it makes our skiers look obsessed with self-congratulations.

Thankfully, this montage did not include Lindsay Vonn’s husband being carried off by men in white coats while screaming that all the other skiers are plotting against him and his wife, that they reshaped the mountain to mess her up on her ski run, that the government and the ET’s are all plotting to make sure Lindsay doesn’t get a gold… Classy!

Changing topics, is it just me or is there a whole lot of pairs skating and ice dancing going on? And is anyone else ready for it to end? I lost my patience after seeing the Russian pair doing their blatantly bad and inauthentic “aboriginal dance” in Maori costumes, culminating with the Russian guy grabbing his partner by the ponytail and dragging her around the ice in a way that even Fred Flintstone would have called sexist. I didn’t know you could insult another country, an ethnic group, your sport, and artistry so completely in under two minutes. Fantastically awkward and tacky. Wow.

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  1. Well, I have to say in defense of Ken and Barbie congratulating.. If I made those runs, after all those crashes, I'd be pretty happy too..

    I didn't watch much skating, but I loved when Tessa Virtue and her partner skated... especially their free dance.. Also like when White and Davis did Phantom..

    I got hooked on curling this time around though..


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