Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Art of Discipline

Today's Thought:
Even the best of plans will take you nowhere unless you are disciplined.

The ChipperMuse Extra:
I'm going nowhere.

No. I kid. But I do struggle with discipline. One of my greatest flaws is easily that I could do more, but I don't. The art of discipline is something that escapes me quite frequently. Discipline seems almost like magic at times to me. Mystical. Intangible. Difficult to wrangle.

Yet the truth is that discipline can be mastered. It is the art of wrestling our soul into a stream that has a predetermined direction. The direction is determined by the mind. In other words, a decision. And then the soul is aligned with that direction through an act of the will. Making your will strong enough to overrule all your inner rebelliousness is what the art of discipline is all about.

I often wonder if I will ever come close to mastery of this art. I often doubt I will. But I try anyway, because my mind is filled with ideas. And not a single one of those ideas will come to fruition unless I do something to make it happen.

Discipline. If only I could buy it in bottle. But I can't. I suppose that's because discipline is worth far more than diamonds, and much rarer too. A priceless treasure. One day, I'd like to corner the market on this precious commodity.

We'll see if I can.

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