Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Chocolate Tells Me How to Feel About Myself

Today's Thought:
My Dove chocolate wrapper gave me some great advice today: "Memo to self: You're the best!"

The ChipperMuse Extra:
I love getting advice from my chocolate. It totally justifies my chocolate cravings, my excessive chocolate eating, my dreaming in chocolate... I'm exaggerating. But I do like my chocolate.

And now I have another reason to like chocolate: It tells me how to feel about myself. It's like a trip to the psychiatrist...only way, way cheaper...and there's no Rorschach tests...and no one telling me that it's of the devil. Have you ever heard anyone accuse chocolate of being Satan's spawn? Thank goodness, no. Because it's not. It's God's warm, gooey goodness.

Anyway, my real point is that it is very funny to get advice for living from a chocolate wrapper. But then again, we all need to remind ourselves once in a while that we are "the best"...or at least, we're not too shabby.

What is your memo to self today...or in this season of life that you're in right now? Mine is: "Do more writing." And I am. It's a sacrifice at times, but it is worth it to me to do this. Make sure your memo to self is worth it too. And then follow it. You are definitely worth it!

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