Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Guiding Philosophy

ChipperMuse Thought for the Day (and my guiding philosophy):
It's not only okay to be different...it's fantastic!

ChipperMuse extra:
Okay, so I admit I borrowed this saying from the wrapper of a piece of chocolate. But hey, I just justified my chocolate addiction and now it's tax deductible because TheChipperMuse is associated with my writing business. So it all works out!

Seriously, though. I have always recognized my unique take on life, my tendency to be drawn to whatever is off the beaten path. There are people who are frightened by what is different, and they reject it to protect themselves, I guess. But not me. Being different...being unique...that's what opens up doors of opportunity to you. Look at those who are "different" and you'll see stand-out successes: Steve Jobs, Cyndi Lauper, Donald Trump, George Steinbrenner, Oprah... They stand out because they do what no one else is doing, and/or they're doing it in a way no one else is doing it. They're larger than life. You know exactly who they are. You remember their names. And they're highly successful.

Entrepreneurship insists that you be different. So if you feel unique, unusual, different...don't despair. Instead, start looking for the door that's going to open up to you and only you. And then walk through it! Success is waiting for the unique you on the other side of that doorway.

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