Friday, May 28, 2010

Ode to Long Weekends (aka Man, This Friday Is Dragging...)

Today's Thought:
If today (Friday) drags, it just means my holiday weekend is going to last that much longer.

The ChipperMuse Extra:
If only Friday work day hours would last about 30 minutes, 45 minutes tops. Why do they have to last the full 60 minutes? It just makes the day drag on.

This phenomenon is worse on Fridays prior to a holiday weekend. So I've decided to tell myself that the longer this Friday lasts, the better for me, because my holiday weekend will last that much longer. I'm not sure this rationalization is going to help me endure a long work day, but I can attempt.

It's amusing to me that I can't wait for the work day to end so I can start my long Memorial Day weekend. And yet in just hours, it'll be Saturday. Then it'll be Sunday. Then it'll be Monday. And by Monday afternoon, I'll be wishing the hours would know...drag out. Last longer. (Kind of like they are today, on Friday, the day I want to end.)

If only those Monday hours would last at least 90 minutes long. How great would that be? Right? Am I right?

Conlcusion: The value of each minute is proportional to who owns the minute and how that minute is spent.

Unfortunately, this conclusion is cold comfort as I stare at the clock and realize it's not even noon yet. Man, this day is dragging along... slouching along, perhaps, toward Jerusalem.

I know what you're thinking: Only The ChipperMuse could work in a reference to WB Yeats as she discusses how bored she is at work. (Either that, or you're thinking, "Yeats? Jerusalem? Huh?" If so, your poor English teachers are groaning now and remembering how you never paid attention in class, you bad, bad student!)

References to Yeats...philosophical musings... That's the way my mind works, people, especially when I've got minutes to kill at the office. It's a good thing I'm not bending my creativity to anything serious, like world domination, or you'd all be in trouble. But I'm you end up with a Yeats quote that you may or may not recognize, together with wishes that holiday hours would last 90 minutes.

On the upside, though... It's nearly lunchtime... I think I just spent a few minutes in a way that makes me happy. And Friday is nearly half over. Mission accomplished.

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