Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why You Should Love (and Imitate) William Shatner

Today's Thought:
If you want a good role model to imitate in living a passionate, fearless life, look no further than William Shatner. Really.

ChipperMuse Extra:
Yes. Really. Imitate William Shatner.

"Why do I say this?" you wonder. You probably also wonder if I need to see a psychiatrist about this. But I won't take that personally. Let me explain myself.

A lot of people make fun of William Shatner. After all, he is an easy target for ridicule:
  • He uses an odd speech rhythm and syllable emphasis on old episodes of Star Trek. You...know...what I...mean.
  • He records albums in which he's not really singing, not really speaking. And this is funny.
  • He shares unique thoughts in his interviews. I mean to say...he's pretty crazy.
  • He's got a pretty big ego.
Okay. Fair enough. But before you judge him for all that, let me tell you a little more about William Shatner, the way I see him:
  • He has many accomplishments under his belt that many of us secretly wish we could have accomplished ourselves. Star, singing career, popular icon, millionaire, author...
  • He has a positive, laid-back attitude toward life that allows him to enjoy himself.
  • He's super confident.
  • He's basically fearless.
This man's fearlessness is one of his greatest traits. I mean it. The Shatner will do anything. Anything.

He'll sing a version of Rocket Man that entertains you more than the Elton John original. It's not even singing. But the Shatner doesn't care. He just goes for it anyway.

He embraces life, and doesn't care what you think about it or how it looks to you. Your opinion doesn't matter to him. He enjoys himself. He has fun.

He doesn't worry about your ridicule. In fact, he can make jokes too, lots of them, and they're really, really, really funny. And he doesn't take any guff.

What is not to love about this attitude toward life?

Let's face it. We'd all be a little better off if we adopted a little bit of William Shatner into our daily routine. Why not go ahead and sing your favorite song when you want to, where you want to? Who cares if it's not in tune? You're savoring life as it comes, which is what William Shatner is all about.

Do something adventurous once in a while, like canoeing from Canada to New York. (Yup. He did that as a young man. Read his latest autobiography for the story.)

Don't be afraid to be honest. You aren't going to be BFF with everyone. The Shatner knows this, so he doesn't pretend to like everyone. You might think that's a weakness, and maybe he could be nicer about it, maybe not. But at least he's not pretending something that's not true.

And most importantly, don't let the opinions and ridicule of other people stop you from being who you are and doing what you love, especially if you can do so with decency and character. As I pointed out earlier, the man is an easy target. But he's still working in the biz at 79 years old. I believe that merits a "Nyeh-nyeh-nyeh, you can't touch me!" to all the mockers.

Don't hold back anymore. Embrace your inner Shatner. Do it today. You'll be...glad...you...did.
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