Friday, June 11, 2010

Joining a Motorcycle Gang (aka Why I Love the Internet)

Today's Thought:
If I ever want to join a motorcycle gang, I got the information side of the process covered.

The ChipperMuse Extra:
The Internet makes everything easier, and I mean everything. Stuff you couldn't imagine...yeah, it's on the Internet. You can Google it. You can Bing it. You can Dogpile it. You can wipe the doodoo off your Internet shoes and keep searching if you need to. Because the Internet has everything you need.

I found this out quite accidentally when I innocently went online to search for The Breakers. That's the name of a Florida motorcycle gang in an episode of Burn Notice. Since the show is known for its attention to real-life details, especially on the spy action side, I wondered if the writers gave the same attention to naming the gang that appeared in the season 4 opener episode.

I haven't found a Breakers home page. But I did find a slew of articles on joining a motorcycle gang, in case I was interested. (I'm not right now.) But I'm relieved to know that if I change my mind, I can hop online and get "expert" help at joining a gang. By "expert," I mean someone smart enough to know how to post online.

There is actually an article on joining a motorcycle gang on eHow, a well-known website featuring how-to information of every kind. If you wondered whether eHow is thorough, I guess this answers your question. Although to be fair, the eHow article focuses on joining clubs, not gangs, so the article title is misleading.

If you're looking for more information on outlaw motorcycle clubs (the actual gangs), head over to Wikipedia, because the online encyclopedia has an entry on that topic. This is where I discovered that outlaw gangs not only engage in criminal activity; they also like to participate in charity events. Who knew?

By the way, I searched for this information using Microsoft's new search engine, Bing. Bing not only gives you articles on the subject of your search, but also a list of related topics you might want to consider searching too. The related topics for joining a motorcycle gang include (oh, and I quote):

Join Crip gang (afraid to even click on this, it sounds so dangerous)
Popular gangs (great if I ever want to write a research paper)
Why join a gang (what a depressing thought)
Gang affiliations (again, great for that research paper)
How to join the FBI (since when is the FBI considered a gang?)
Joining a gym (if I can't join a motorcycle gang, a gym would at least be a healthy alternative)
Joining a credit union (hey, motorcycles cost money)
Joining a Catholic monastery (after you repent for joining a gang, I guess)
Joining a BF2 clan (BF2 is a shoot-em-up video game...perhaps to entertain you after the thrill of being part of a motorcycle gang is gone)

If nothing else, the Internet definitely has great entertainment value--often when I least expect it. I enjoyed this little search more than I should have. Don't worry, friends. I'm not really going to join a motorcycle gang. But a tattoo... Hmm... I'd better search that one out.

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