Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Hangovers...

Today's Thought:
I'm not really hungover (because I don't drink). I'm just having end of the long weekend blues. My brain is saying, "We've just had three days off... That's officially the start of a vacation. Let's keep the vacation going. Let's sleep in and sit outside in the sun all day, and do fun things. Let's not get up and go to work this morning. We don't need to do that. Work bad. Bad. Bad."

Yeah. I went to work this morning. Believe me, I know I can't listen to my brain after a three-day weekend! My brain is unreliable right now and instigating trouble. I need to ignore it while it is hungover from the time off.

You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Why is it so hard to switch back to normal routine? It's not easy after a normal two-day weekend, worse after the extra day off. I think human beings were created to sit around in a garden in the grass soaking up the sun. We weren't made to work in offices without windows. It's just not right. Eden had no corporations, no buildings, no time clocks. Now, Hell might operate that way, but not Heaven. Am I right?

But we're living in a world where Eden is shut down. As a result, I need to get back to my regular routine of work. Drat that Adam and Eve. This is all their fault. Since my brain is still recuperating from the three-day weekend, I'm not quite awake creatively yet. Which is why this post is rambling.

Ah well. Just know that I sympathize with you, no matter what kind of hangover you have this morning. And I ask you to sympathize with me. Let's share our pain together as we mourn the passing of a wonderful long weekend and get back to reality.

Reality. Oh yeah. It's going to be a busy week. When is the next long weekend? And where's my coffee right now? Because I need it.

Oh, my aching brain!

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