Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tiger Woods and the Art of Using Humor Wisely

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"The Tiger Woods jokes don’t seem quite so funny now that Elin Nordegren has let us in on her pain." (quoted from Jason Whitlock's article "Elin's Interview Should End the Jokes", posted 8/26/10 on MSN/'s sports page, link to follow:

The ChipperMuse Extra:
Huh? Since when was Tiger Woods' infidelity ever funny? Infidelity is never funny. It wounds hearts, damages intimacy (sometimes irreparably), and causes havoc in a person's marriage, finances, job, relationship with their kids. Et cetera is an understatement of what gets affected by a decision to betray someone's trust.

Trust can take an incredibly long time to repair. Sometimes it is never repaired. Tiger has done something to his wife and kids that may never heal fully. And it wasn't their choice. Especially the kids. They never asked for this. Yet they have to deal with the repercussions of it.

And that was funny to people?

I'm not saying we can't laugh at the world we live in. The Chipper Muse is all about laughing at the absurdities of life. There are things we all need to laugh at, in order to make life better for ourselves and others. And then there are things that are tragic and full of grief, and not at all funny. It's important to know the difference...and to honor that difference with wise choices and wise words.

I respect author Jason Whitlock for confessing his complicity in the joke-making. This kind of honesty is refreshing when we see it, especially when it sets things in proper perspective. That's what true comedy, and especially satire, exists for. Humor helps us keep life in proper perspective. We make fun of things that we have given too much attention to. And we highlight things that need more attention.

Humor has its proper goals and proper uses, and I'm in favor of using it right...because that's what empowers humor to its greatest effectiveness. Wise usage.

Thanks for "humoring" my seriousness. I'll get back to mocking bad MSNBC writing or sharing my foibles soon enough!

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