Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall TV Snark, Part 1

Note: This post is a part 1, which totally assumes that I will remember I need to do a part 2 sometime. We'll see if I manage to pull that off.

It's fall TV season. At last. I no longer have to risk flipping the channels and seeing unwelcome footage from Big Brother whatever the number. Now we can talk about the new TV season, and I'm very excited to add my two cents. Of course, since I'm the Chipper Muse, I'm not giving you anything like an official review here. I'm just making snarky comments and hoping you laugh...or cry...or just feel something, darn it. Stop being such a cold, wet blanket and feel something.

Kidding, you're not a wet blanket. You're my reader. I LOVE you!

Here are my fall TV observations so far:
  1. I'm not surprised Gibbs got away with murder on NCIS. But the director burying the file? And then the little text at the end from David saying "I found him" (as in, she found Gibbs' enemy and is going to go all Mossad assassin on him)? Whoa nelly. Politically incorrect Americans and Israelis? I predict a really touching plot about a misunderstood Muslim this season. It's the only thing that's missing.
  2. NCIS:LA now has two sad, brooding, lost adult males on it... The favorite, G. Callen, is so orphaned that he doesn't even have a first name. (At least Tiny Tim had a first name, for crying out loud.) But now G. has a rival in Marty Deeks. (Is Deeks a real name, by the way? Anyone ever met a Deeks?) Deeks is depressed because he lost his partner because of a crooked LA cop, and also I guess because his snarkiness needs to come from some deep-rooted pain in his character. We'll have to wait and see who is cuter in his sadness. I think that's the writers' point on this one.
  3. Linda Hamilton on Chuck. Comments, anyone? Okay, I'll go. I still wish it was Lynda Carter, but okay. Okay. I'll adjust to the other Linda. She looks a little worn, but spying will do that to you. And how about our tax dollars going to hire hot CIA agents to work at a fake Buy-More? I think if Obama cuts that part of the budget, we'll all be fine. In the meantime, I don't know if this season is going to work for me.
  4. I didn't watch this, but I read that Hasselhoff got kicked off Dancing With the Stars. Yet the Situation (some kid from Jersey) is still there. Where's the justice, my friends?
  5. Finally, Randy Jackson is finally signed to the next season of American Idol, and thank goodness. If he didn't agree to his contract, his replacement was going to be an actual DOG, barking at the contestants. That would have been annoying.
I'll have to get back to you on Castle, since I haven't watched it yet. (Hey, the guy is ruggedly handsome! I have to give him my full attention!) Crap My Dad Says (or whatever its official TV name is) airs later this week, so I'll have comments on that soon. But I expect to love William Shatner...because I love William Shatner. Whether I love the show, who knows? Oh, and Fringe starts soon, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do there. Was it just me, or didn't it seem obvious that Universe 2 Olivia was an imposter? I mean, after all, what girl can dye her hair and restyle it with bangs that fast and in a strange parallel world where she doesn't have the right cash (Martin Luther King Jr's on the $20 bill) to buy hair supplies? Come on!

I'll be back next Wednesday with something. Who knows what? That's the fun of The Chipper Muse.

Ciao for now!

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