Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Open Letter to Sci-Fi Fans

In another effort to be silly, here's an addendum to last week's post about the important facts our kids do and do not know. I hope you get the references, since they are all geek related.

A recent poll revealed that 17% of American children—aka our future leaders—think that the Death Star is the furthest planet from the Earth.

Listen, I get it. I do. No one can reasonably expect jock dads and cheerleader moms to know their sci-fi. That’s why it is up to us, the legions of nerds, geeks, Chuck wannabes, and gamer girls, to stand up and be heard.

Who else but comic book readers and Evil Dead fans can explain to our nation’s kids that the Death Star is not the furthest planet from Earth because it is not a planet, nor is it a small moon. It’s a space station!

(And by the way, the Death Star would technically be the furthest space station from Earth, if only the rebels would stop blowing it up! But I digress.)

It is time for Trekkies and Harry Potter fans to stand up and be heard. It is time for Team Jacob and Team Edward to stop fighting and step up to the plate for the fight at hand. We have to teach our kids to appreciate the nuances of sci-fi history before it’s too late.

When are we going to take this threat to the future of sci-fi seriously? When?

When your children tell you that the line “Sorry, I can’t do that, Dave” is from a Wendy’s commercial? Is that when?

When they think that an Airbender is a Nike shoe? Is that when?

When they believe that Snooki wrote The Lord of the Rings? Is that when?

When they tell you that the Enterprise is a car rental agency, and not Captain Kirk’s ship? Is that when?

I tell you, we sci-fi fans can’t let this travesty go on any longer. We have to act now. The future of humanity depends on it! Let’s take the children around us under our wing and get them reading Robert Heinlein and Frank Herbert immediately, before it’s too late.

Go out there, and make it so!

Thank you for your attention, and godspeed.

~The Chipper Muse~

Copyright (c) 2010 by Michele Chiappetta. All rights reserved.