Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trucks for Rebels

Author's Note: According to “Guerrilla Trucks,” a Newsweek article by Ravi Somaiya, October 14, 2010, rebels and insurgent groups around the world use the Toyota Hilux as their vehicle of choice. In response to the article, I’ve crafted a commercial for the Hilux. (To read the article—and I recommend that you do—visit For more on the why behind this piece of writing, read further down.)

Toyota Hilux—The truck for today’s rebel

Political power struggles. Religious disputes. Wars on terror. Economic instability. It’s true, we live in trying times.

But you don’t have to struggle to make it from battle to battle. Not with the Toyota Hilux. We’ve been the military vehicle of choice for insurgents across the world since the 1960s. Time-tested, fast, highly maneuverable, the Hilux packs a powerful punch on any field of conflict—rural or urban, from the mountains of Pakistan to the trash-filled streets of Somalia.

The Hilux sports a high-ground clearance and steel-frame construction, making it highly durable and versatile on rough ground. Our trucks seat up to 20 soldiers comfortably—ideal for your troops as they travel through terrorized crowds, dismount to beat troublemakers into submission, then get back on the road in time to make it to their next guerrilla bombing in no time flat.

And the truck bed is so strong, you can mount a heavy weapon on the Hilux with a minimum of effort. It’s so easy to go armed, you’ll never want to go anywhere without the Hilux.

So, when you need to make it across your war-torn country, don’t just take any vehicle. Take the Hilux—the official truck of Al Qaeda cells everywhere.

Remember… the Toyota Hilux… Because you can’t overestimate the value of a truck that’s fast, never breaks down, and can support a heavy weapon.


Author's Explanation:
Just for the record, I’m not criticizing Toyota alone. I’m pointing the finger at every corporation that puts profit above people, every person who uses good things to do evil, every marketer whose work crosses the ethical borderline, and every journalistic organization that fails to cover the moral heart of a story (in this case, the conflict between technology and people, corporate profit and ethics). I’m even pointing the finger at myself, for every time I have shrugged my shoulders over something that matters, just because it seems like it will never change.

The truth is, I believe in change. And I believe in doing the right thing. It may not happen across the world. But it can happen within each person’s heart as we choose what is right, day by day, in the little ways that we can. And that’s one reason why I write.

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