Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lazy End of the Year

If you have stopped by the blog to look for brilliance today, I don't know what to tell you. I'm feeling tired and more than a little lazy. Now, the slightly sore throat and headache I have doesn't help. But I'm going to blame my malaise on the laziness that hits us all the last two weeks of December, because if I don't, I have no blog entry, and I've promised myself to put something up at least once a week.

Do you feel what I feel at the end of every year? There's so much to do in December, so much to cards, gifts, travel plans, visits with friends, and so on. And we all seem to look forward to the start of a new year, or at least we say we do. And yet, the last thing, the very last thing I want to do with my last two weeks of December is scurry around.

I want a lazy end of the year.

I wonder if it's that we tend to do too much all year round, especially at Christmas time. And I also wonder if we've lost the ability to rest. It's so rare to find someone who will say, "I didn't do a thing today. I just relaxed and sat with my thoughts and got refreshed through some quiet time." We don't rest enough. We fill our time instead with activities, activities, activities.

Now, it's not all bad to be busy. And of course, we have seasons when we have to be busy. But in the times where we can be free to rest, we often choose to be busy then, too, and we wear ourselves out.

So, while I feel I have no profound wisdom to offer right now, I am going to finish this blog entry with a simple bit of advice:  Don't be afraid of a lazy end to your year. 2011 is ready to start up any minute, and you can come up with your resolutions and start running around to them in a few days. Go ahead and relax and rest as you see 2010 on its gentle exit. You've earned it.

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