Friday, December 10, 2010

Music Is a True Writer's Muse

Okay, here's the deal. Sometimes, music is just a nice background filler. Sometimes, it's a tool to change your mood. Sometimes it uplifts and inspires. Sometimes it helps you clean the house.

But sometimes, it makes me want to write. The best music is a writer's truest muse at times.

Music that is a muse for a writer makes you see things in your head. Makes you picture places, people, movement, mood, action. It sometimes creates a story that just begs to be fleshed out and told.

Case in point: "The Last Mile" by Tree Adams.

This is a guy I never heard of until today, though he's been around and working in Hollywood for a while. And recording. And doing all the stuff that artists do.

But man, oh, man. The music editor for the TV show "The Good Guys" used "The Last Mile" for a shootout scene in a recent episode. And I sat up and took notice. Why? I don't know if I can fully explain why. But the music, the lyrics, the mood of it all made the writer in me light up like a sky filled with lightning. Energy coming out of my fingers now, begging me to write.

I see that music telling a story in my head... I see the character, duster rising up in the wind as she stands atop a hill, looking down at her quickly impending future. Her friends moving in behind her, ready for the fight they are about to descend into. Their future isn't written yet, but danger is hanging just ahead of them, and they are about to willingly pass into it, full force, and face death with courage.

I know just what piece of writing that scene goes into. And I'm eager to get into that piece of writing like nobody's business. That's what music does for a writer sometimes. It whispers in your ear and gives you artistry. Just like a muse. For that, I'm grateful.

Check out Tree Adams, "The Last Mile," on iTunes. I recommend it.

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