Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Fun With Headlines

Oh, MSNBC, how I love you. You give me fodder for my blog all the time. Back by popular demand, it's another More Fun With Headlines.

Headline:  Godzilla-like creature nabbed in California town
This headline is a letdown in a lot of ways. Godzilla is a raging menace that can't be stopped! How can you "nab" him? A Godzilla-like creature should be huge. I mean, HUGE. The creature referred to is a monitor lizard. Long, yes. HUGE? No. And also, any reference to Godzilla and California should also mention Cloverfield 2, by law or something, right?

Headline:  Lawsuit asks Taco Bell, "Where's the beef?"
Proving that an oversued 80s commercial tagline will never, never ever die...

Headline:  California girls hospitalized after eating pot cookie
I didn't know you could grow pot cookies... Besides, cookies make you fat! And that's the real problem, isn't it? Not the drugs...but the calories.

Headline:  Steven Tyler's daughter, "He's saving Idol"
Proving that all daughters have overblown expectations for their fathers

Ok, gotta go. It's a crazy day. Ciao, baby!

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