Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Title Bout: Wayne vs. Bridges

Now that True Grit: the Remake is in theaters, we can finally settle once and for all who wins the title for the actor with the most grit: Western star John Wayne, or versatile scrapper Jeff Bridges.

Here's the breakdown:

John Wayne:  172 films
Jeff Bridges:   76 films
Advantage Wayne

Acting chops
Wayne:   One Academy Award
Bridges:  One Academy Award

Movie's originality
Wayne:   Original version
Bridges:  Remake
Advantage Wayne

Wayne:  Reasonably close to the 1968 book
Bridges:  Very close to the 1968 book
Advantage Bridges

Age and experience
Wayne:  61 years old when he filmed True Grit
Bridges:  61 years old when he filmed True Grit

Appeal of supporting cast
Wayne:  features the great Robert Duvall, but Glen Campbell considered a lame Texas Ranger, and the actress playing young "Mattie" was 20 years old
Bridges:  features Matt Damon and Josh Brolin, and the actress playing Mattie is actually a teenager in real life too
Advantage Bridges

Wayne:  6'4"
Bridges:  6'1"
Advantage Wayne

Wayne:  The Duke
Bridges:  The Dude
Advantage Wayne

The clear winner... JOHN WAYNE! Congratulations to the Duke! Now, go out and see the remake of True Grit anyway. You'll like it.

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