Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Writing Update (aka Keeping Me Honest)

You know, the only reason I post these writing updates is to keep myself honest, because it's very easy to pretend I'm accomplishing more with my writing than I am. But if you're reading this and you want to weigh in, go ahead. Do you accomplish the goals you set for yourself? Do you struggle, like me, to meet goals?

I'm a little further on the short story for the contest I'm entering at the end of January, and I really need to finish the draft this weekend so I can edit next week and send it in next Friday. Typical procrastinator, that's me. Do any of you have that problem? Procrastination, I mean. How do you get past it?

On a positive note, I'm at least getting more done on the blog. And that's something. I hope to become more disciplined before I die. It's a battle of inches, I'll tell you that.

Happy Friday, everyone, and ciao!

~The Chipper Muse

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