Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green Is Your Color

It's Saint Paddy's day tomorrow, and I can already hear it now: "Why aren't you wearing green today?" Ah, the dreaded color Nazis, out to judge me for not wearing a color that I look awful in. I mean, who wouldn't want to look washed out, yellowed, and sick all day long, just to fit in for the celebration of a holiday built around drinking beer?

I can't wait.

Truthfully, I don't do conformity for the sake of conformity with any degree of grace. First of all, I want to choose a shade I look fabulous in. I hate wearing green.

Second, if I'm going to wear green, I want to do it for my own reasons. And I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Now, I'd be glad to wear green in solidarity with Oscar, who is so poor that he lives in a garbage pail. I'd wear green to justify a karaoke performance of "It's Not Easy Being Green." I might even wear green to encourage people to live cleaner, more planet-friendly lives.

But for beer? Nope. If I'm drinking (which I usually don't), I'm going to do it in a color I'll look pretty in when I've passed out on the floor. Don't consider me a party-pooper. Think of me as someone who feels strongly about exercising my right to choose. 

Have fun in green tomorrow if you like. I'll have fun in another color, thanks. And we'll both be happy.

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  1. You know you only have to wear green if you're Catholic. The Protestants are supposed to wear orange. Great recruiting tactic on the part of the Protestants.

    Great post. I had a good laugh over it!


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