Friday, March 4, 2011 headlines: This time, it's urinal is obsessed with Number 1...and I don't mean what you think I mean. I'm talking about urine. Today has two...count 'em, two...headlines about this subject. And one right after the other.

This is the first headline:
'Urine' better decision-making shape when you gotta go.

Followed immediately by this headline:
Trash, men urinating take toll on 'sacred' turtle

First of all, did you get the lame joke in that first headline? Urine... You're in... Yeah, I didn't either. But that's okay.

Second, do you realize the contradiction between these headlines? The one is saying you make better decisions when you need to go to the bathroom, while the second one shows the results of poor decision-making (peeing on a turtle).

Third, I don't know who is writing or editing for, but if you think it's a group of third-grade boys who snort when they laugh, you are probably right. Because no one else thinks a pun like 'urine' instead of 'you're in" is funny.

And finally, do these stories really have to "go" one right after the other? Get it? I made a funny too. It's not really funny. But I'll bet the boys at think I'm brilliant.

Copyright (c) 2011 by Michele Chiappetta. All rights reserved.
(But really, do you even want to steal this one? Urine trouble if you do. Harharhar.)

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