Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Update

For those who like to know what is new with my writing...

First off... I've been getting ahead on blog entries, with the goal that whenever you stop by on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, there will be something new for you to read. No more failures to update due to the day job's deadlines. That's the goal. Already I have entries lined up for next week. Yay! Be sure to stop by. I've got some good stuff coming.

Second... I just started back up with my writers critique group, and got some feedback on a story that I know needs work. Man, it's hard to hear the harsh truth, isn't it? But it was all true. I realized I am too easy on my characters. I need to let them suffer sometimes. An easy ending that lets a character off the hook doesn't satisfy the reader. And it's all about the reader. If they don't like what you wrote, your writing isn't working.

I'm also working on plot and character motivation for two stories. One I started during Nanowrimo and never finished. The other is a new idea I had that I find appealing. I'm tackling both with the question: What things can keep this character from getting what they want? Plot is all about thing after another that impedes the protagonist. How many things can I put in their path to make their life harder? Looking at it this way, plotting is more necessary than I usually give it credit for.

Writing isn't easy. It's hard work. Takes skills, crafted skills, that require time to develop. I'm plugging at it. Are you plugging at your work, your art, your hobbies? I hope so. We can always grow!