Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Update

This week, I started The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. This book encompasses a 12-week course in unblocking yourself creatively. It's too early to talk much about it, except to say that one of Cameron's ideas is the artist date. This is where you go and spend some alone time doing something creative, childlike, and fun to nurture the artist playing in the rain, buying yourself ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, or coloring. I love this idea! I always feel invigorated after an artist date.

I've also been working to get ahead on my blog, though that was slow going this week due to work-related writing deadlines. It's a challenge writing full-time for someone else, then coming home to write for myself. Anyone else have that problem? The best thing that works for me is to sit outside and enjoy the weather and the sights. It helps me switch from PR mode to personal mode. And that's why I'm glad it's spring: good weather to sit outside.

Fiction writing has been slow this week too, because of work. But I'm kicking around some plot ideas for a novel and thinking about some good feedback I've received on a short story and a poem that aren't quite working as they need to. Rewrites are around the corner!

How's your creative life going? I hope your inner artist is having a blast!


  1. Letting ideas germinate outdoors in spring is one of the nicest things we can do for ourselves.
    My creative work is going well, I am having fun creating not just the napkin drawings but cards and gifts as well. It's cool to think beyond the one image and turn it into a Mother's Day card or something like that.

  2. Yes! It's good to find ways to "expand." I find that it helps my creativity when I look for new angles on existing ideas. Bet it helps yours too.


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