Friday, April 1, 2011

When It Comes to GoDaddy's Bob Parsons, Elephants and PETA Outweigh Misogyny

What do GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons, PR guru Peter Shankman, actress Cloris Leachman, PETA Executive VP Tracy Reiman, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, the Super Bowl censors, and hundreds of Twitter folks all have in common?

They all think elephants are more important than women.

Yes, I said it. And I stand by my statement, no matter how outrageous it seems to you, because for years, GoDaddy has been putting out the most misogynistic, perverted, and frankly insulting-to-my-intelligence Super Bowl ads I have ever seen. (When the ads manage to get past the censors, that is. Some of them are so dirty, even the Super Bowl apparently draws the line at times. Or so they claim.)

The bottom line is, GoDaddy ads are consistently insulting to women. They demean women. They dehumanize women. They treat us as objects, as meat, and that whole attitude only adds to the disrespect in this country that encourages travesties like date rape, sexual abuse, molestation, and domestic violence against women.

And yet no one seems to have a problem with this, because no one is jumping ship from GoDaddy over the way it treats the women who could be your mom, your sister, or your wife. And you think that's okay?

Look, I am as kind to animals as the next person. And while I don't go as far as a PETA fur coat painting party, I agree we should treat healthy and harmless animals well. I see kind treatment of animals as a general respect for life, and there is nothing wrong with it. I'm sorry an elephant was killed.

But I also think that people trump animals. Period. What happens to people means more than what happens to animals, because people have souls...a spark of God Almighty in them...while animals don't. And that means the way we treat other people is more significant than the other things we do in life.

I know others don't feel this way. I know because Danica Patrick allowed herself to be demeaned in GoDaddy ads instead of saying no. I know because Peter Shankman tweeted yesterday (March 31, 2011) that he was moving 400 domains off GoDaddy because of the he kept with GoDaddy while they were just a bunch of misogynists. I know because PETA thinks Bob Parsons deserves "Scummiest CEO of the Year" for killing an elephant instead of for treating women like non-humans.

Sorry, I'm not buying this. I'm not buying GoDaddy domain names. But I'm not buying the hypocritical outrage from the rest of the world either. From now on, keep your phony self-congratulations to yourselves, because if you can't value the treatment of women as much as you value the treatment of an elephant, you haven't earned the right to be condescending. No matter how much you claim that right in your articles and tweets. Your behavior betrays you and reveals the truth. You're just as bad as Bob Parsons is. And that's the truth.

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