Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Update: Balancing Personal Writing and Work

Well, I got very little personal writing done this week. I blame work. Both my day job and my freelance work. I got swamped. And I got frustrated. And so instead of writing in my free time, I mostly played around or zoned out.

Now, there are times to relax. I believe in taking time each night after the day job to have some "me" time. We all need that. It's essential to creativity, because you have to take in before you give out. If you've been giving out, you need to replenish the supply by taking in again. That's what relaxation does for you. Gives you a chance to replenish your supply.

But perhaps I didn't push myself as I should have to get a little more personal writing done. Maybe I couldn't have done a thousand words. But could I have done 200? Yes.

So I'm 'fessing up. I was a bad girl this week, as far as nurturing the artist within. But I'm refocusing on a new goal: to use the long weekend to give some needed time to my writing. Getting back on the horse again, and trotting down the road a little further.

Do you find it a struggle to balance your personal artistry and your day job? What do you find works for you? I would love to hear your views and ideas.

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