Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Mention: Tech Talk Podcast

Tech lovers will love the New York Times technology review podcast, Tech Talk.

The world moves fast these days. And technology moves even faster. It's impossible for the average consumer to keep up without some help. And that's where the New York Times Tech Talk Podcast comes in.

In this weekly, 30-or-so minutes of Internet audio, you get a quick and dirty update of the latest in tech news for computers, the Internet, podcasting, your smartphone, GPS devices... If it has technology in it (and what doesn't, these days?), Tech Talk covers it. And at 30 minutes an episode, the information is just enough, delivered quick enough, that you don't get overwhelmed.

How useful is tech news to you, the average person (as in, you're not an IT guy)? Well, last week's podcast covered a long list of apps for both iPhones and Droid phones...apps specifically related to travel. Roadtrip workaround apps. Flight update apps. Things to do with your kids apps. Things to keep your kids from driving you crazy while you drive them to Florida apps. What a range of useful information.

In other episodes, the Tech Talk hosts have covered the latest Internet viruses, email programs, software updates, and more. They even cover computer tips that I'm sure you never knew existed, but that you'll be glad to hear about. Tech Talk is a great resource, and past episodes are available on iTunes.

Bottom line: Tech Talk is a terrific, quick way to find out what's new in technology, as well as things that are not-so-new secrets to making your technology work better for you. Check it out at

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