Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday Mention: Widescreen Warrior

A film review podcast that sounds like you and your friends when you get together and chat.

Let me be honest here: I don't mind a highbrow film review once in a while. I'm smart enough to understand them. But when I hang out with family and friends to rehash a film I've seen, I don't talk like a professional film critic. I talk like a person who has seen a film and wants to talk about it.

But I don't mind a little talk about camera angles and directing choices. That's cool too. That's why I like the Widescreen Warrior podcast (on iTunes, or check out their website at http://widescreenwarrior.com/).

The crew of the podcast—Rafe, Margaret, and "Sometimes" Tim (who is there sometimes, duh)—are able to talk about films intelligently, honestly, and in a down-to-earth manner. Listening to their weekly, hour-long show is like hanging out with a group of friends. They all have their unique perspective, so you get a variety of opinions... You get the guy who's a little picky but not overly so, the guy who likes blockbusters, the chick who is seeing films with her daughter.

People like you and me.

I find this refreshing, especially in a world filled with film reviewers who analyze movies to death without ever giving me a sense of whether I (the person with $10 and a free weekend) might find the movie fun. Yes, I know how well it compares to Citizen Kane. But sometimes I don't care about that. I like Widescreen Warrior because it gives me a good sense of whether I'll have fun seeing a film they are reviewing.

And when you want a more in-depth look at film, Widescreen Warrior gives you that too, particularly in their artist of the month segments, which focus on a body of work. This is an intelligent way to approach the more analytical nature of film review.

So check out Widescreen Warrior and see what you think. I'd love to hear your opinion! And I'll bet they would do. If you visit them, let them know I sent you their way.

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