Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why Killing Ain't Politically Correct (But It Is Ironic)

I'm hot on a work deadline, so today's blog will be a little messy. Hope you don't mind.

Some things in life will never be politically correct. Using "ain't" in a title when you're a writer isn't PC. And neither is killing.

Yes, I'm referring to the recent death of Osama Bin Laden. Or perhaps I should spell that Usama with a U. Inconveniently, Osama with an "O" is only letter apart from Obama. It isn't PC (or accurate, frankly) to confuse the two names or interchange them. I'm fortunate that I get to type them. Apparently, news people who work on radio and TV keep substituting one for the other, to their undying embarrassment.

Waterboarding, too, is making its way back into the news. Funny, isn't it? Waterboarding: always wrong....until it works. Too bad Alanis Morissette wrote her iconic song, "Ironic," so long ago. She missed out on the king of ironies, killing a terrorist with information gained through terrorist-breaking tactic that the current president opposes. Oh, I know there are ongoing arguments over whether enhanced interrogation techniques provided the vital information that led to Bin Laden's death, but whatever the exact details may be, it's politically incorrect for our president to say we got our man with techniques he campaigned against.

Speaking of ironic, is there any better time for a president to interrupt broadcast TV than at the time an opposing candidate's TV show is about to end its episode. (Celebrity Apprentice here, folks.) Especially when it takes the president AN HOUR after the interruption to actually give his speech. Why couldn't he interrupt The Biggest Loser instead? I'm just asking.

It's also a bit ironic that the special SEAL team that took out Bin Laden was commissioned by the previous president, who everyone loves to hate...until he proves to the be a genius.

And it's definitely politically incorrect to refer to Bin Laden by the code name Geronimo. Though ironically, the name is apt in that Geronimo waged war against the US for quite a while before he was captured by US forces, a fate similar to Osama in the end.

Killing, frankly, will never be politically correct and always be somewhat ironic. As it should be. It's a necessary evil, emphasis on evil. It's necessary at times because there is evil in the world. And I understand that. But the moment we get comfortable with killing as though it is "good" to kill, we're in trouble.

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