Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Mention: Slice of SciFi

Love science fiction and fantasy? Want a little humor to brighten your day, plus some intelligent discussion of SFF entertainment, served up by several SFF fans with a little geek interview a la mode? Then Slice of SciFi it is for you—a terrific genre podcast and website.

One of the best things about being a fan of science fiction and fantasy is that you get to have some great conversations when you meet up with other fans. SFF geeks are usually smart, knowledgeable, and witty. They hold nothing back when given the chance to express their opinions. They’re snarky. And they love a good debate on important SFF topics, like who’s better, Kirk or Picard. Or Batman: should he be camp or serious. Or Ryan Reynolds: brilliantly unexpected Green Lantern casting or doomed DC movie failure.

If you know what I’m talking about, I’ve got good news for you: You’re a geek, all right. But don't be sad about it, because I’ve got even better news. There’s a perfect entertainment bonanza on the Internet for you: The Slice of SciFi podcast.

Hosted by Michael R. Mennenga, a SFF writer, along with several of his geek friends, Slice of SciFi feels like a true conversation you might have with your geek friends. You’ll feel like you fit right in. They cover a wide range of topics, including news, TV and movies, books, trivia, games… everything SFF-related.

There are interviews too, with all kinds of people that a SFF fan wants to hear from—authors, actors, andp roducers from genre favorites, like Battlestar Galactica, Myth Busters, Eureka, and more. You get the “intergalactic news” with Nigel Blackwood too. Tongue-firmly-in-cheek and chock full of SFF references and inside jokes for those who listen to the podcast regularly. (Trust me, you'll want to listen regularly.)

Then there’s the always entertaining and sometimes slightly risqué voicemail show, where you hear fans just like you calling in to ask questions, offer opinions, or leave a joke. Michael Mennenga edits these calls and adds in sound effects, audio clips, and running commentary from himself and his co-hosts. The voicemail shows are consistently entertaining. (Though I warn you, the infamous Show #211 is a bit like being in an insane asylum. Listen only if well prepared.)

And if all the podcast madness isn’t enough for you, swing by Slice of SciFi's website at — a fully functional, well-developed site with content of its own that you won’t want to miss.

Bottom line:  Slice of SciFi is a must-listen podcast for any true SFF fan. It’s comprehensive, it’s informative, it’s hilarious… It’s a major source of SFF news. You can’t afford to miss it. Subscribe through iTunes or through the podcast feed, which you can find on their website at

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