Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The World of Men Is Getting Feminine

It's not just me, is it? The world of men is truly growing weirder and though we've all fallen down the rabbit hole and are smoking with the blue caterpillar. (See Alice in Wonderland.)

And by weirder, I mean  men seem determined to become more feminine.

We all know men have been wearing skirts in Scotland for ages. I say, if you've got the legs for it, show them off. I have no problem with that. It somehow manages to be masculine. Perhaps because the guys in the skirts (ok, kilts, if you must) are huge, long-haired, testosterone-laden man hunks. Or at least they are in my imagination. (I blame Outlander and Highlander for this.)

But lately, it seems like men want to foray into all kinds of female areas. And it's turning a little strange.

Here's one example: Men are now getting engagement rings... for themselves. Or perhaps I should say, women are getting them for their men. They're called "mangagement rings." (How cute.) And they're getting diamonds in them too.Well, excuse me for hoping that I could have something as a woman that a guy can restrain himself from having to have too (besides my period). How long before he wants to wear the wedding dress as well? (I mean the straight guys here.)

Apparently, this isn't the only trend of men taking over something that belongs to women. They're also having "dadchelor parties"... a baby shower for first-time dads. Of course, being men, they don't actually buy gifts to help take care of the baby. They go out and drink with their buddies to lament the approaching loss of freedom. Oh, the poor guys. They chose to get married and now they're going to have children. What a terrible life sentence that is. Yes, they should all go to Vegas immediately to make up for all the benefits of having a having people who love you, clean for you, cook for you, look up to you, and have sex with you. Sounds terrible.

On a lighter but still bizarre note, there is the rise of mantyhose, which is exactly what it sounds like: pantyhose for men. Guys, you can have this one. I hate pantyhose. Take them if you want them. I can understand this trend appealing to men with blood circulation problems and restless leg syndrome. I can even understand it if mantyhose start replacing long johns.

But if men start wearing mantyhose with their kilts, showing off their mangagement rings and planning their dadchelor parties like squealing school girls, I may really start to worry...

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  1. Other than the kilts, I didn't know of these new trends - and I think I liked it better when I didn't. Funny post though :)

  2. Thanks for the compliment, T.L. I didn't know about these trends either. The mantyhose is the worst part for me. What are those boys thinking? Hahaha!


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