Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cheeze-Its Are Out to Get Me

It started when I was just a wee child, on my mother's knee. She fed me delicious cheese, and I was hooked. I quickly became a junkie...provolone, mozzarella, muenster... It didn't matter, so long as it was cheese.

It wasn't long before I graduated to cheesy snack items, like Doritos and Cheetos. But when I met the Cheeze-It cracker, a devastating love affair began, filled with obsession, longing, secret meetings, and eating of whole boxes at one sitting.

Yes, I admit it. I'm addicted to Cheeze-It crackers.
I try to avoid them, but it's impossible. They line up, box by box, along the shelves of the grocery store in a riotous variety of flavors that I can't ignore. They lurk on the aisle endcaps, forcing me to notice their svelte orange-red cardboard, their jaunty crackers dancing on their box fronts, and their yummy cheddar hunks, tempting me with tasty goodness.

How can I resist?

Oh, I wish I could place the blame elsewhere. On MSG, say. But Cheeze-Its don't contain MSG. They aren't made with addictive food additives. It's just the cheese...the darned, tasty, irresistible cheese! And I can't say no.

Even their ads are charmingly enticing. How devious! I can't turn away from the mix of charm and humor that says, "You want me, baby. You know you want me."

And I do. I yearn for Cheeze-It crackers, like the deserts yearn for rain. It's embarrassing and humbling. And it's hard to admit. But for my own recovery as a cheese addict, I have to tell you about it. Maybe one day, I will live in a world free of temptation.

But until then, I'll have to put the Cheeze-Its back on the shelf, and buy something else.

Like Cadbury milk chocolate bars. Because chocolate is good for me. Right?

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  1. I love Cheeze-Its. They are the angels of Grilled Cheesus.

  2. I have never tried these, and from your post, maybe I shouldn't because I'm a big cheese fan. Now, between cheese and chocolate - that's a toss up ;)

  3. Yes, they are definitely the stars of cheesy snacks, Terrell! Tracey, you should definitely try them sometime, but plan to lock them in the cabinet after a handful. Hahaha! I don't really eat whole boxfuls at a time, but they can be tempting. :)

  4. I've always liked Cheeze-Its, though it's been a while since I've had them... this post may change that. :)

  5. I love a big block of cheddar with saltine crakers.

  6. I admit to the condition; I'm hooked on these wonderfully cheesey yet crunchy bite-sized slices of baked heaven. Only way to live through the cravings is to avoid making eye-contact in the store, only on the occasion indulge in a box, and remind yourself that if you finish the box in one day then you won't have any to eat the next.

    And now I'm hungry. For Cheeze-Its, darn you.


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