Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Mention: Global Table Adventure

“Visiting the world via stovetop.”

That’s how Sasha Martin describes her admirable effort to cook a meal for each country of the world. When finally complete, Sasha’s kitchen-centered journey will have taken her and her blog readers to 195 countries, for 195 meals, in 195 weeks.

Sasha’s journey is all the more admirable when you know that she is doing it all from the food-forsaken land of Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Tulsa is not known for its rich variety of cuisine, I can attest to that.) Finding ingredients for each dish can prove a challenge, but Sasha makes it work, which is quite a feat.

Following the blog is definitely educational. And sure to make your tummy growl. On Tuesdays, Sasha overviews the cuisine of the country she’s going to cover that week. She describes her planned menu on Wednesday (including the recipes in case you want them). Then she looks closely at the technique for making a specific dish on Thursday, followed on Friday with facts about the country of the week. She then cooks the meal, tests it on her family, and reports the results on Monday before launching into the next country’s cuisine.

Already, Sasha’s blog should sound intriguing to you. But if you’re not convinced yet, allow me to tempt you with two things that make this blog extra unique: the fabulous photography, and the video of Sasha’s toddler daughter sampling foods from around the world. There’s a lot of fun to be had exploring the recipes by food type (breakfast, sweets, drinks, carbs, and more). And if you have special dietary needs, like vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, Sasha offers alternatives and recommendations for you.

All in all, Global Table Adventure is a fun, well-rounded, artful, and tasty food blog. Visit it at Be sure to tell Sasha I sent you. I met her at a Tulsa Bloggers Meetup last year, and I can tell you, she is super. And so is her blog. You’ll be glad you checked it out.

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