Friday, July 8, 2011

Writing With Your Friends in the Room

Well, maybe this post should actually be titled, "Writing With Your Friends Outside, Humoring You While You Sit Inside Writing." Because that's what happened this weekend. My roommate and I invited a mutual friend over for an impromptu cookout. I prepped my part of the meal. Then I sat down to write and got into an unexpected groove, just as the mutual friend showed up.

Uh oh. Not exactly polite.

Creativity is a pain in the rear-end sometimes, I tell you. It's hard to train yourself to discipline that muse to show up within the right hours of the day. She's fickle, fiercely independent, and argumentative. So when she shows up and cooperates by giving me a flow of writing, I don't like to turn her down.

Thank goodness my two friends humored me the other day. They lit the grill, prepped the steaks, and chatted while I finished typing up the scene I had in my head. Of course, I knocked out the writing fast, so I could eat and chat for the rest of the evening, muse-free.

But I've never been in that situation before: hit by inspiration in the midst of a "party." How about you? Have you ever faced a similar situation? What did you do about it? I'm curious, and I want to hear about it from you!

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  1. What great friends you have to allow you to finish your scene without making a scene ;)

    My muse hasn't showed up during a party but I imagine I'd do the same as you did. However, it does love to show up as I'm crawling into bed. I end up getting up and sacrificing sleep to fill it's needs.

  2. I have to admit, I've done similar things and have even been known to excuse myself to the restroom so that I can jot something down in the notes on my iPhone =P (I wonder if they noticed I took my phone . . .)Unfortunately, for me, I find that if I truly relax the creativity or ideas I've been struggling to cement, come flooding in. Great post!

  3. TL, yes, I have great friends. They were teasing me about writing while they were there, but they let me write, which was very kind.

    JP, your point about ideas coming when you're relaxed is so true! You have good friends too, huh?


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