Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Terminal Part 2: Revenge of the Airport

                             Vancouver Airport (via Vancouver Airport's website)

Have you ever seen The Terminal, the movie in which Tom Hanks is stranded at JFK Airport in New York and can't leave?

Apparently, there is a sequel to this movie being made, only it's set in Vancouver, and it's a reality show starring Jaegar Mah, a 29-year-old guy from Vancouver who won a contest to live at the airport for 80 days and nights. Yes, you read that correctly. He won.

Mr. Mah probably wants the attention he'll get for being crazy enough (or perhaps unemployed enough) to spend almost 3 months doing essentially nothing all day long. Well, to be fair, he won't be doing nothing. He'll be going behind the scenes at the airport and finding out how everything works, and then reporting on it via Facebook and Twitter. So, if you're a terrorist and you need some tips, you'll want to follow Mr. Mah. Don't wait; he starts living there today. He starts sleeping there too, God help him.

Why would someone agree to live in an airport for 80 days? Why do people climb Mount Everest? Because it's there. And because they didn't have someone willing to slap them and tell them to "snap out of it."

It probably helps that Mr. Mah gets $15,000 at the end of his 80-day ordeal experience. Plus $50 a day to buy food and the airport. Personally, I wouldn't consider $15,000 nearly enough money to compensate me for having to eat at an airport for 80 days. But to each his own. (Mr. Mah isn't really going to suffer; his girlfriend is going to cook for him and bring him meals. Cheater!)

There's a little more cheating going on. Mr. Mah gets to leave the terminal to move about Sea Island, where Vancouver Airport is located. So he gets to hang out at the beach there, and talk to the locals. Maybe 80 days on the beach in exchange for sleeping in an airport is worth $15,000. Maybe.

If you're interested in learning more about this little experiment, or want to lament that you didn't know about the contest until it was too late for you to win, here's the article on MSNBC.

I'm going to get back to my job nowin front of a computer terminal. Hey, wait a second. I have an idea for a new movie...

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  1. I'd do it for $15,000. Not sure what that says about me. :)

  2. It says you have more patience than I do. That's a good thing! I couldn't wait that many days in any airport.


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