Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alien-Hunters: Not What You Might Expect

Sometimes it's hard to be a science-fiction fan. Sci-fi fans want the future now. And we want it to look good. We're so excited about it that even the most innocent of headlines can create a little too much excitement.

So you can imagine that when I went online to MSNBC this morning, I was incredibly surprised and pleased to read the headline:

Alien-hunters add new super-Earths to their list

Who doesn't want this guy at their party?

How thrilling! I mean, there are more alien hunters out there? More predators? And they're making the morning news round-up? That's what I call "fun, fun, fun!"

And just think... They like the Earth so much that they are looking for new "super-Earths" to hunt on.

That's right, baby! The Earth is rocking the top of the A-list in places to visit for extra-terrestrials from faraway galaxies looking for a little fun, a little relaxation, and a little hunting. Kind of like E.T. Club Med. That'll help the economy. Sweet!

Then, of course, I had the natural crash and burn that comes with realizing most of the world doesn't live in an imagination filled with Skywalkers, Starbucks, Kirks, and Captain Mals.

I clicked on the headline only to realize that sadly, it's just reruns on our SETI program. The alien-hunters are only human, like me. And the super-Earths are just some postulated planets that may or may not exist around gas giants. What a let-down.

I suppose the headline Facebook 'If I Die' app kills your computer doesn't have anything to do with Transformers or Terminators either.


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  1. You'll just have to console yourself with some good SF. It'll ease the pain. :)

  2. Aw man, I want to be an alien-hunter! I love moments like that where a headline or a news article or even some new technology makes you feel like you're living in a sci fi novel. :)

  3. Haha, Hektor, you totally made me laugh! You're right, though. I should grab "The Mote in God's Eye" and enjoy some alien-human fighting. :)

    Annalise, thanks for stopping by! It sounds like you can relate. Do you read a lot of scifi? What's your favorite stuff?

  4. The rule: if you have a catchy title - make sure what follows delivers.

    Go SyFy!


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