Friday, November 25, 2011

You Deserve a Break Today

It's the day after Thanksgiving. What are you up to? Are you taking a break from writing today? I am. I'm spending the day with family and friends, and will get back to my writing soon enough.

There are plenty of people out there saying we need to "write every day." And in principle, that's true. If you're a writer, it only makes sense to write regularly. But in my world there are, believe it or not, a few things more important than writing. And one of those things is my family. I think it's good to take a day off from time to time just to be with them, not just in body but in mind and spirit too. Giving them my whole attention.

If you're a writer, and especially if you're doing Nanowrimo this month, remember: you deserve a break at times. Maybe you deserve a break today. I'll go against the grain here and tell you that, in fact, it is okay not to write today if you have a chance to spend some time with your friends and family around the holiday. Of course, if you are taking time to write today, I support you. Go for it! But don't beat yourself up if you need a day off. Rest can really help you come back to your writing the next day stronger than ever.

So if you deserve a break today, take it. And then come back and write tomorrow, refreshed. That's what I'm doing. And I have full confidence that it'll all work out.

Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving holiday, however you are spending it. See you back here Monday!

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  1. Yes, I did need a break on Black Friday, but I wrote anyway. The hubby came home from a call at work and "forced" me to take it easy. What a wonderful man he is. :)

  2. That's awesome, M.E.! It's good to get some writing done, isn't it? And it's wonderful to have a supportive husband. He sounds like a good man!


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