Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Gifts and Cards for the Geek in Your Life

Angry Birds
(yes, they scare me!)
I think we should have some holiday fun this week. And the Internet agrees. There are lots of happy things out there to enjoy if you're a geek or a SFF fan. So, here are some links for you!

You can decorate your tree with these 12 Christmas decorations for geeks from Mashable. (And really, who doesn't want Angry Birds on the tree? You don't mind them, staring at you, with hostile faces while you eat the holiday turkey, right?)

If you've got a geek to buy a present for, you can consult the WikiHow guide to buying for your geek (proving that really, if you just dedicate yourself to doing it, you can use your expertise to write any kind of article and get it published somewhere on the web.

Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, holiday cards can be fun. So, here is a link to the top 11 holiday cards for geeks.
Talk to me, baby!

And rest assured, there are resources for those who celebrate holidays other than Christmas. Here, you can find out PC World's Hanukkah wish list. (I personally love the talking Tardis cookie jar. Because it talks! What a great idea, as long as it doesn't tell me how many calories in the cookies...) 

If you want to do some reading while you eat those cookies that started talking to you from within the Tardis cookie jar, try these 9 best science fiction holiday stories.

And if you want to buy some books for the SFF fan in your life, you could try this list of non-SFF books that SFF fans will love. Interesting choices here.

More holiday fun on Wednesday and Friday this week. (And Wednesday is the Steena Holmes giveaway. If you haven't entered yet, go to the post here and leave a comment for your chance to win.)

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