Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Happy Tunes

Here's a little holiday fun... A very entertaining mish-mash of Christmas songs, with a small shout out to Hanukkah too. Oh, and Toto. You'll see...

In other news, the winner of the Devil Unknown contest is Jae. Congratulations, Jae! I'll ask Steena to get in touch with you about gifting you her book.

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  1. Funny we just saw a PBS special with Straight No Chaser. We hadn't heard them before. They are entertaining.

  2. As fate would have it, we are celebrating my wife's birthday on New Year's Eve this year with Straight No Chaser in Fresno, Ca. We live just south of there. The boys are coming, too. It should be fun.
    Thanks for sharing that tune.


  3. I bet they'd be great in concert! Wish I'd see it on PBS, but maybe they'll re-air it. Jimmy, hope the concert with your family is a great time!


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