Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So You Want to Be Evil...

A while back, I wrote a website review column for a Mensa science-fiction and fantasy group. One of my favorite columns explained Internet resources for those wanting to enter into a career path of becoming evil. It's a fun column, gets a lot of laughs whenever I share it, and generates interest.

Read my original column here and then come back to read a little more on this fascinating subject. 

(Click on the video to the right see Eartha Kitt sing about being evil. I mean, she's convincing.)

Although all the websites were accessible when I first wrote the column, Peter's Evil Overlord list is not up anymore. Apparently, Peter is taking time off from his website to really dig his teeth into becoming an evil overlord. It's hard to fault him for his ambition, I'll tell you that. He links his page to another resource, which includes the delightful dungeon list, with all kinds of good, practical advice for evil overlords in training.

Of course, these websites are genuinely funny, but they are also useful for writers because they highlight stereotypes that you probably want to avoid if you're writing a serious sff story. If you're writing humor, you might want to exploit the stereotypes to ramp up the laughs. Either way, it's interesting to see how plot points or character traits that worked beautifully for the first one or two authors who used them now seem trite and belabored because they've been overdone.

Have fun reading these evil websites. And please let me know what evil name you will be adopting. (You can call me Lady Nightblade from now on. Thanks.)

And why not enjoy a little classic Dr. Horrible (video to the right) before you go out to conquer the world? Even bad guys need a laugh now and then. And a little inspiration.

Happy evil-doing!

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  1. Just as I was memorizing that The Chipper Muse needed to be Michele inside my head, you turn around and introduce Lady Nightblade to the mix! *laughs maniacally*
    Oops! Sorry about that. I realized too late that I could have missed something important during that laugh like Mr. Bond freeing himself from my sinister clutches... Apparently, I'm new to all of this...unless I'm lying now. :)
    Too funny.


  2. Should I call you Jimmy, or will be using a new name too? LOL!


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