Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Kick-off Resources for Writers

It's a new year, and wow, I've seen so much great information on the web to help us writers improve our craft and know more about publishing. So, today's post is a list of links to some great blogs and blog posts. Most of these people are either personal friends, writers I know from local writing groups, or Twitter buddies whose posts are consistently worth reading and sharing. Others are links that are just worth shouting about.

Have fun exploring these resources, and be sure to say I sent you! And then come back here and let me know if you found the links helpful, or share links of your own.

The Write Technology is a blog about learning to use technology to further your writing. Really. It's a good source for the techie issues that most writing blogs don't cover. Author/blogger Richard Beaty updates the blog every 7-10 days, sometimes sooner.

Left Brained Business for Writers by Joan Rhine, is specifically aimed at the left-brained stuff that right-brained creatives like us need help with. Joan normally blogs Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, but also posts in between her regular schedule when something timely comes up.

A classic is Jane Friedman's blog, Being Human at Electric Speed. For those who may not realize it, she's moved on from Writers Digest but she's still blogging great links and industry advice for writers. Here's her post on Best Advice for Writers From 2011.

Ad Astra Center for the Study of Science Fiction is James Gunn's new science fiction resource, sponsored by the University of Kansas. Oh, and they're open for submissions for their July 2012 issue, so if you're a sf lover, you'll want to check this out fast.

Kristin Nador Writes Anywhere is another great source for bloggers, written by Kristin Nador (obviously). On Mondays in January, she's posting about sharpening our blog habits. Kristin is also great about sharing and trumpeting resources she likes (she's done it for me, thank you so much, Kristin!). So if you have something of interest, let her know.

Writing and Rambling is the blog of literary agent Nephele Tempest of The Knight Agency. Nephele is down-to-earth, to-the-point, and encouraging, a good mix for writing advice coming from a professional. She's been posting lately about practical ways for writers to get from that dream of writing a novel to a finished hard copy sitting in their hands. Here's a link to her excellent post this week on how to create story ideas, Starting from Scratch.

Amy Shojai writes Bling, Bitches & Blood, a blog that covers a range of topics, many pet-related (because she writes books about pets). In her Tuesday Tips, she has covered topics such as "kindle-ization" and writing nonfiction book proposals. Plus, she includes lots of pictures of cats. (These are a resource too, as they can soothe you when your writing is not going the way you want it to.)

Between the Sheets is the brainchild of Heather Webb, whose finished first novel is historical fiction. Her most recent tip post, "Breaking Out of the Editing Funk," is a good example of how she mixes personal experience and practical tips that anyone can use.

Radine Nehring recently did an interesting post on her blog, titled Does Branding Hurt? If you're planning to market your book, and yourself along with it, you'll need an idea of what your personal brand should look like, and this post can help you tackle that issue.

Not too long ago, I reviewed Story Dam, an online writing group focused on helping us network as well as improve our writing. In addition to writing prompts, author interviews, and other resources, they also offer weekly link-ups so you have a chance to build your audience and further your reach. Visit Story Dam here. (And definitely tell site builders Brandon and Brandi Duncan that The Chipper Muse sent you, because I like to brag and they know it. Hahaha!)

Over at Black and Dark Night, author Rebekah Loper has plenty of writing posts, including this one on Living on a Writer's Budget. (If you don't need this because you're independently wealthy, please email me privately so we can discuss a loan. Double hahaha!)

Okay, I'm getting silly with the jokes so it's probably time to call it a day. I'm sure I'll be sharing more links in the future as other writers and other sources of good information pop up on my radar. If you hear of anything worth sharing, let me know. Happy writing to you in 2012!

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  1. Thanks for the mention (again) Michele! You are awesome. Even for a bragger ;)

    Kidding. I think everyone here knows you are golden. We appreciate the support over at Story Dam and our personal blog.

    Looking forward to a great New Year!

  2. Great posts, Michele. Can't wait to check out some of these new links!

  3. Great way to kick off the year! I love finding new writer resources. Thanks.

  4. These are terrific, Chipper. Usually I am following most of the blogs already on writer's lists, but I have not heard of most of yours. Woohoo! Time to blog hunt and let them know who sent me. *wink wink*

  5. Thanks, everyone! Hope you love these links. The people behind them are all terrific. If you come across anything good to share, let me know. I'd like to post more links. Maybe next month if it works out.

  6. Thank you for mentioning my blog and all of the other terrific resources. :) Happy writing!

  7. Some really useful links there, thanks, was just looking at the ad-astra page.

    I'm also getting a writers resource blog started, and I'd really value feedback from actual writers :-)

  8. You're welcome, Matt. Let me know when you get the resource blog up, or if I can help you in any way with feedback before you start. Be glad to help!

  9. It's actually up now -


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