Monday, January 23, 2012

Changing the Mix

Oh, how I love Mr. Miyagi
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So... I took last week off from writing the blog. I've been processing what to do with it. And I wanted to post a quick note about it today.

I'll still be writing this blog.. I'll still maintain the same type of content - the reviews, the funny musings, the thoughts on writing and creativity. Those are all things I love, and things that you come here for. That won't change.

But I am going to change the posting schedule. Three days a week is too much for me right now. I'm also writing a novel, and teaching, and freelancing. And I'm deciding to be realistic about it. Balance is a lesson for your whole life, as Mr. Miyagi would say. (Who doesn't love The Karate Kid?)

Seriously... Balancing my life better is what is healthy for me, but it'll be better for the blog too. I'll be able to put my effort into creating one phenomenal post a week, rather than three that have to be up on schedule no matter how good (or meh) they turn out to be.

Plus, I'll have more time to visit other blogs and read them, so we can build relationships. Wouldn't that be nice? It's a goal for me.

Oh, and I'm kicking around the idea of whether to move this blog to WordPress. I have to see if that makes sense. For now, I'll remain here. If anyone reading this post uses WordPress, especially if you've also used Blogger, I'd love to know which service you prefer and why.

Thanks to everyone for your patience! I appreciate every single one of my readers. Thanks to those who have weighed in already on what you like about the blog and what you think. If you haven't weighed in yet or if you think of something to add to what you've already said, please do! I'd love to hear what you all think.


  1. I used blogger a long long long time ago - so long ago, my transition to wordpress doesn't even count. I will say, I love wordpress. They give you stats information that I know blogger doesn't.

    Lissa at Quid for Quill ( - she sat on the other side of me at the write-in on Saturday - went from blogger to wordpress last year, so she can probably answer any questions that you have.

    I do know, out of all the people I know who have switched over, the feature that they like the most is the ability to write and pre-schedule blog posts ahead of time. There's no way I could survive without that feature, lol!

  2. Good for you, Michele. You do what you need to do. Once the blog becomes a chore along with everything else, it drains your ability to put your heart into it.


    There is a slightly higher (initial) learning curve, but all in all, WP is much better than Blogger. I think you will really appreciate switching and the endless possibilities of being on WP. If you have issues or questions, don't hesitate to email! :)

  3. I've only used blogger, and like it okay, but am also debating whether I should make a change.
    I can appreciate how much work it takes to produce such consistently good blog posts. Hope you find the balance that you're looking for.

  4. Balance is important. I know some people who blog daily, but three times a week is more than enough for me.
    I've never used Wordpress, but I do know if you move there, you'll lose the Google Friends Connect gadget in March.

  5. I LOVE this idea, Chipper. It sounds like you have given your blogging schedule some serious consideration in light of your other goals. One stellar post a week is definitely more valuable (IMHO) than three "gotta get this done" posts. Hopefully, it relieves any stress, too.

    As for moving to Wordpress...I know it would be a tough move, but it's really worth the effort. Everyone I know who uses Wordpress (and me!) highly recommend it over blogger. Let us know if you have any questions about getting started with it. :)

  6. Thanks, everyone, for your support! You know, I love writing this blog, but it has grown overwhelming lately because I want to do a great job and am feeling like I can't do that with three posts a week. It's just good to know that I've got readers who believe in balance! It's a lesson I have to remind myself of daily. This is a good step in that direction for me.

    Brandon, M.E. - You bet I will let you know if I have questions about Wordpress! I'm sure I'll need to take you up on it at some point. It's nice to know you'd be willing to help me that way, so thanks.

    Alex - I didn't know that. Do you connect with me through Google Friends right now? How do you keep track of WordPress blogs you like?

    Liv - If/when I make the move to WP, I'll mention it here, so if you decide to make the switch too, I'd be glad to answer questions for you. #payitforward :)

  7. If you keep a scehdule that you can't follow you will burn out and stop, much better to make sure you are still enjoying writing.

    As for wordpress, I'm hosting my own wordpress page via bluehost and it was really straightforward. I can't give any insight on switching because I started fresh, but it shouldn't be too tricky, and wordpress has really good guides.

    If possible, try and keep the existing blogspot stuff up and redirect to the new site, that way you'll keep most of the search authority that you have built up with the site, and your existing readers will be able to find you easily.

  8. Ooh, good tip, Matt! I'll have to see how to do a redirect...


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