Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why I'm the Chipper Muse

I don't think I've ever shared this on my blog before, but there is actually a very good reason why I go by the nickname of Chipper Muse. (As opposed to, say, Lady Nightblade, which is technically my evil villain name but which I don't pull out very often, given that I'm not doing evil very much.)

So, let me explain. A coworker once upon a time started calling me "Chipper." I assumed it was because of my upbeat personality. (I do tend to smile a lot.) But really, he was playing on my last name. I didn't mind. The nickname stuck in my mind because it's fun and happy.

"Muse" comes from my goal to be a muse for others in the creative realm, as well as my pursuit of my own muse, my own creative dreams. That's pretty obvious from the content of this blog.

The Chipper Muse is a great name for a blog. (In my humble opinion, hahaha!) But I also use the name because it expresses my personality and the tone I try to maintain here. Let's be honest: It is far too easy to be snarky, angry, critical, or crotchety on the Internet. I don't want to take the low road. I'd rather be light, funny, kind, and helpful. That's who I am most often anyway, so it's just easier to be consistent.

What's your blog name or Twitter handle and why do you use it? Or what would it be if you had one? I think it'd be fun to talk about names and what they mean to you. So, do share! Maybe it'll give me fodder for another post soon.

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  1. I explain my username on the about page of my own site:

    "In On Writing, Stephen King described the muse as an overweight guy chomping on a cigar who comes into your house and starts rooting through all your stuff. Or something like that. I’m too lazy to look up the exact phrasing right at the moment, but at least it wasn’t about flitting virgins.

    A while back, I started thinking about a new domain for talking about my writing. Using my name seemed too bland. I didn’t want to come up with something overly foreboding or clever. Then it struck me that I think of my own “muse” as somewhere in between Bradbury and King’s respective images: not grotesque or repellent but still tough to please. Kind, but finicky. Inspirational, but, well… surly."

    I am kind of junk with usernames, though. I'm always creating new ones because I'm never happy. Fortunately, I have a Twitter account and website that's just my real name on standby if I need it.

  2. I'm the kid who never dressed up for Halloween, and now my blog name is the eponymous Liv Rancourt (, which is also my Twitter handle and Facebook page and...
    You get the picture. I'm trying to come up with a clever subtitle for the blog, but it's hard work. I like your blog name, and I like it's positive spin even better.

  3. That makes total sense to me. Muses can be cantankerous at times. I like Surlymuse as a username. And I hear you on having your real name on standby. I've got that in mind to do, just haven't done it yet.

  4. Thanks, Liv! Nothing wrong with using your real name, especially to help readers find you. I'll stop by your website and check it out. But I think if you make the clever subtitle relate to your personality or your blog focus, it'll help. Best of luck! :)

  5. Danceauthor (Jimmy) stopped by and shared the following through email: "I use Dance on Fire on the blog since it's the title of my debut novel. Consequently, my Twitter name is danceauthor. Ironically, I don't dance. I'm a headbanger from way back! What do I know about dancing? ;)"

    Jimmy, linking your blog name and book makes very good sense! And you may not be a dancer, but if you headbang, then you at least can keep a tempo, right? LOL!


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