Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Get Me a Scale: It's the Year of Writing Balance

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If this picture doesn't say it all, what will?

In my continuing effort to get my writing life better organized, prioritized, and streamlined, I just made a list of the writing endeavors I am involved in or potentially going to be involved in. The list is up to 21 items so far, and it includes:

Personal writing projects: 3

Freelance writing projects: 3 definite, 2 possible

Writing communities: 6 (Say what? That's crazy!)

Social media and online networking outlets: 5

Learning opportunities: 2

And this list doesn't include the full-time job doing fundraising and PR writing.

So, you can see now why I'm trying to publish long posts only once a week here. Maybe I'll post little updates throughout the week if I can. I'd still like this blog to be active because it's an important way to connect to all my writer friends, as well as readers who love me for being me. (You guys are special.)

Have you ever taken inventory like this? How did you narrow down your opportunities and focus? Because seriously, you can see I'm having a focus problem, can't you? This is something to work on all year long. Congrats, 2012, you are now the Year of Balance for me.

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  1. Wow...... okay, you've inspired me to take an inventory of my insanity. I have to see how crazy I've let myself become. Time to reign it in to a happy-crazy instead of a I'm-going-to-put-my-brain-on-a-plate-crazy. =) Best of luck with everything! And blog when you can, but don't overwhelm yourself either. Being active is important, but so is being happy and healthy and (legally) sane. We'll be here whenever you drop by. =)

  2. I'm not even sure HOW I would organize it all like you have . . .

    The only thing I am certain of is that I have *counts on fingers* 6 blog event type things that I'm participating in over the next 3 months, and 2 of those are semi-permanent.

    I've got two WIPs at the moment (one in first-edit stage, the other still in first-draft stage), and am outlining three more.

    I don't even want to think about social media . . .

    Good luck with your balance, and hopefully I'll find mine too!

  3. Lissa, Rebekah... It's amazing how busy we can get, isn't it? I wish you luck with achieving balance too. And Lissa, thanks for the encouragement about the blog. That means a lot to me. :)

  4. Hey, stranger! *waves* We're all certifiable for attempting to do all that we do! Hang in there! It's one day at a time. For me, I feel like President Bartlet in "The West Wing". Every day it's, "What's next?"
    I've missed you. Sorry I haven't been by. Take care, okay?


  5. Thanks, Jimmy! *waves back* It is definitely one day at a time. I often have to remind myself of that. Cool news is that by taking a little time off, I've thought of a blog series on supporting other authors, which will start this Friday. Yay! Rest and balance are so helpful!

  6. Do you at least have a rough idea about how much time you will have to write? That's whats killing me, I have too much stuff that has to take priority over writing.


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