Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Know-it-All... or, Second Person Omniscient

I'm talking to YOU!
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So, I'm posting mid-week for a little fun. You see, I was listening to Writing Excuses this week, a great podcast of tips for writers, and their April Fools episode was about the writing excuses we make, and one of their suggestions was to write in second person omniscient. In other words, write as if you know it all (which they didn't say, but that's what it means, right?)

And since I'm a little demented (but in a charming way, right?), I couldn't resist thinking about what second person omniscient would sound like. And so... Here's a version of the comment I left on the Writing Excuses website for their podcast.

Writing in second person omniscient... You can't ask for a more beautifully futile writing excuse than that. Or perhaps you could. Perhaps you would have all kinds of excuses like the many other writers across the world that you can't possibly know about but that are right now making their own beautifully futile excuses to avoid writing as you are also avoiding writing as you sit here at your keyboard now, reading blogs and imagining greatness that is not yet yours...

Hmm. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Maybe I should write more of that... Hahaha! See you on Friday with a regular blog post.

For more on Writing Excuses, check out their home page. They are cool people!