Friday, September 14, 2012

Blast from the Past

Well, it's been a crazy work week. I've got a series on writing with honesty planned, but haven't been able to prepare the posts yet, so in the meantime, I have some oldies but goodies to share today.

These are some of my favorite posts, as well as some of the most popular posts that have run on this blog so far. I know many of you are new readers here, and maybe you haven't seen these, so I hope you'll enjoy some of the different things featured here.

Great guest posts:

Rules and How to Break Them - a guest post by Scott Bury
Shoehorning God - a guest post by Scott Roche

Popular posts on improving our writing:
First or Third: Which Viewpoint Should You Use? - part of my series on choosing POV
To Pants or Not to Pants - part of my series on plotting your writing
Time Management for the Busy Writer - a look at how I make time for writing

Posts that tell you a little about me:
Why I'm the Chipper Muse - a short explanation of the name for this blog

Fun and entertaining looks at life:
Confessions of a Cyberchondriac - a funny look at how the Internet influences our thinking

A taste of my fiction:
Strange Vacation - I can't tell you what it's about. You'll just have to read it.

Now... For those of you who have been joining me here for a long time, you've probably read most or all of these posts when they initially went up. So rather than asking you to read old posts again (unless you want to, of course), I have a special request: Please share your ideas with me.

What I mean is: Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to talk about related to writing, because I'm always looking for new topics. And let me know if there's anything I've done in the past that you really liked and you want to see more of. If you love "Fun with Headlines," let me know. If you love the funny posts like the ones I've listed above or if you'd like to see more snippets of my fiction, I'll share more of that. If what you like the best are thoughts on the writing process and practical writing tips, I'm always glad to do offer that kind of information.

Bottom line is that I want to hear your thoughts and your feedback on the blog, whatever you'd like to share.

Have a great weekend, and stop by next week for the writing with honesty series!

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  1. Hello and Happy Weekend, Michele. I must confess that I am glad you shared some of these blasts from the past because I keep forgetting your other nickname. So when I saw the Chipper Muse explanation, I knew the other name would be easy to find...Lady Nightblade. *grins*
    I would simply say that you should do whatever feels right to you here. After a while, it isn't necessarily the content that brings us back, but the friend behind it. Take care.



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