Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5 Timely Reads for Writers

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Yeah, I know; I haven't posted much lately. But I'm making an effort to get the blog back on track. Today's not my normal day for posting either, but who cares? Once a week any day of the week is a good thing at this point.

So, what I have for you today is a short list of five interesting Internet reading that you might like, especially if you're a writer.

Let me know what you think of these articles. And if you have other articles you've read this week that have helped you, share them in the comments below.


1.  How to Be Prolific (from Fast Company's fastcocreate.com blog)

Otherwise known as advice from Joss Whedon, the undisputed King of Productivity. All hail the creator of Nathan Fillion's career.

2.  16 Fancy Literary Ideas Explained by Disney (from BuzzFeed)

Otherwise known as the only explanation you need to watch cartoons as an adult (if you ever need it). 


3.  Hell with What Sells (from Chuck Wendig)

Otherwise known as four-letter-word justification for writing what you love from the master of dirty-mouthed, but excellent, writerly advice.


4.  A Chat with Bestselling Author David Webber (by Bryan Thomas Schmidt on SF Signal)

Otherwise known as advice and thoughts from a BIG-TIME author whose name you should already know if you like science fiction.


5.  150 Summer Steals (from Open Road Integrated Media)

Otherwise known as a really cool ebook sale from well-known authors like Alan Foster Dean, Timothy Zahn, and Robert Silverberg. Get on it, because the sale is only on for a couple of weeks.


See you all next week! And thanks for sticking around!

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