Monday, August 19, 2013

Top Rules for Writing

Not long ago, one of my critique groups did a fun exercise:  We all came in with our top 3-4 rules for writing, and then shared them with each other. As you might expect, some of the rules overlapped. But not all of them did. We had some interesting ideas come up during the discussion. So, I thought I'd share these rules with you, and see what you think. Here they are:

Look! We all have a philosophy, don't we?
My own rules for writing:

  1. Write every day.
  2. Write what you love.
  3. Write what you want to read.
  4. Edit later.
Bill's rules:
  1. Nothing is ever "finished." You just
    stop working on it.
  2. Be true to your genre, and stray
    from it at your peril.
  3. Do not edit or proofread on a
    computer. Use a printed copy.
Renee's rules:
  1. No limitations!
  2. Write when it works for you to fit it in.
  3. Let the story write itself, and then edit it.
  4. Always keep paper by your bed (to capture ideas).
Peter's rules:
  1. Unless I see it in my head, beginning to end, I don't write it.
  2. When I write something, I have my target audience in mind.
  3. When I'm writing creatively, I don't interrupt it with editing.
Casie's rule: Write in the environment that works for you (quiet, etc.).

Dorothy's rule: Set aside a specific place to do your writing.

Gloria's rule: Always write something.

Proof that I really did
write these ideas down
That's a lot of rules...but I think they all have their uses. I don't use all of them, and some of them I don't agree with. For example, I write in a variety of locations, rather than a specific location like Dorothy. But still, it's worth thinking about what works for other people.

Now, you share:  What are your personal top rules for writing? What do you think of the rules that other people shared in this post? I look forward to hearing what works for you. It's always interesting to see how different we can be, yet how we can all get writing done somehow anyway. The life of creativity, eh?

Until next time, happy writing!

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